ctyyypdxiaamd-wStudents at Mizzou engage in an ironic lack of self-awareness.

Is being a fanatic a bad thing? Not always. It’s been said (by Thomas Paine no less) that moderation in principle is always a vice. If you believe in something, it does no good to half-way believe in it. Should all people be equal under the law, regardless of their sex, ethnic background, religious preferences, etc.? Then it does no good to the promotion of that principle to compromise on it. Therein lies the danger. One must do what they can to ensure that their principles are just, and their methods honorable. Though they don’t see it this way, many of today’s college students are neither honorable nor principled. 

The creeping totalitarianism of the political left is best defined by its student populations. While the political right is by no means innocent of its own vices, it’s the left that is threatening our Constitutional rights, and any common sense notion of justice and freedom. Mizzou helped put the problem into the public consciousness, but it is by no means limited to that university. Melissa Click, a communications professor at Mizzou (who later resigned a  courtesy appointment in the school of journalism), led students in their (literal) attack of any media coverage, demanding “safe spaces“. Just from a protest point-of-view, their actions made no sense. Shouldn’t protestors want media coverage? It also lacks any grasp of understand with regards to the 1st Amendment. You cannot legally bar the media from covering stories on public property. More than this, they wanted to silence anyone who might disagree with them. In essence, “free speech for me but not for you.” Anyone who needs a lesson on the value of free speech would do well to listen to Christopher Hitchen’s argument in its favor.

What is it that the students are demanding? Perhaps a look at the recent Oberlin student’s “demands” are in order. Just notice their language:

Oberlin College and Conservatory is an unethical institution. From capitalizing on massive labor exploitation across campus, to the Conservatory of Music treating Black and other students of color as less than through its everyday running, Oberlin College unapologetically acts as unethical institution, antithetical to its historical vision. In the 1830s, this school claimed a legacy of supporting its Black students. However, that legacy has amounted to nothing more thana public relations campaign initiated to benefit the image of the institution and not the Africana people it was set out for. Along the same lines stated by UNC Chapel Hill students in their 2015document “A Collective Response to Anti-Blackness,” you include Black and other students of color in the institution and mark them with the words “equity, inclusion and diversity,” when in fact this institution functions on the premises of imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, and a cissexist heteropatriarchy. Oberlin College and Conservatory uses the limited number of Black and Brown students to color in its brochures, but then erases us from studen tlife on this campus. You profit off of our accomplishments and invisible labor, yet You expect us to produce personal solutions to institutional incompetencies. We as a College-defined “high risk,” “low income,” “disadvantaged” community should not have to carry the burden of deconstructing the white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist system that we took no part in creating, yet is so deeply embedded in the soil upon which this institution was built. [Emphasis mine.]

The notion that Oberlin is any of that is ridiculous. Their language usage will require a bit of a digression. “Ableism” is defined as “discrimination in favor of able-bodied people”, which (for anyone who has spent any time on Tumblr, for example) is often taken to the point of absurdity. “Cissexist” is being sexist in favor of cisgendered people – if you’re confused on what “cisgendered” is, the word “cis” is Latin for “on this side of”, while the Latin word “trans” means “across”, so to be cisgendered is to be the opposite of transgendered (if you want a good laugh, check out otherkin). Also, safe spaces are where people can go to never be introduced to new ideas or opposing view points (i.e., an echo chamber) and trigger warnings are labels to help keep someone in their safe space. As for their list of demands (yes, demands):

We DEMAND a 4% annual increase in Black student enrollment from EACH of theAmericas, the Caribbean and continent of Africa starting in 2016 to accumulate to a 40%increase by 2022. This increase must occur in the College. Additionally, this deadlineshould NOT be taken as a reversal point back to the previous policy, and the standards ofincreased enrollment should be held as a minimum.

Oberlin isn’t discriminating against its student body. This is ethnic diversity for the sake of ethnic diversity, though one wonders just where they came up with their arbitrary percentages. Two things are holding back this agenda: you have to show educational worth on your application and you have to want to fucking apply their in the first place.

We DEMAND a concerted effort to increase the percentage of Black students and specifically Black female identifying instrumentalists in the Jazz department. We would like to reiterate the demand for a 4% annual increase in the enrollment of Black students in the Jazz Department starting in 2016 to accumulate to 40% increase by the year 2022.

Why the emphasis on the Jazz department? Is that “black music”, and anyone else is engaging in cultural appropriation?

We DEMAND more Black administrators in the following offices:
a. Office of Financial Aid
b. Office of Student Health
c. Office of Student Accounts
d. Office of the President
e. Office of Disabilities
f. Office of the Dean
g. Office of Residential Education

They still have to both want those jobs and be qualified for them. If you go with a less qualified black person solely because they’re black, you’re racist. (“but it’s impossible to be racist towards white people!”)

We DEMAND that all Black prospective students be interviewed by admissions officers that are trained in race consciousness practices for undergraduate admissions

But not students of any other race, either white (well, white people don’t count, apparently) or other minority groups? They act like all “white cisgender heterosexual males” are in a cabal, but they demand that power only allow in those that think and act exactly the same way they do. That’s totalitarianism at its core.

We DEMAND that all Black international students who are unable to return back to their home countries be provided with FREE housing during post-semester breaks such as but not limited to winter breaks.

Again, a special privilege only provided to black (international) students. There are a lot of international students that come here from Asia and the Middle East, and not all are monied, but fuck them, I guess. And free? The fuck outta here.

We DEMAND a more inclusive audition process in the Conservatory that does not privilege Western European theoretical knowledge over playing ability. We DEMAND the inclusion of teachers and educators with auditory and relative business skills pertaining to contemporary Black musical styles.

“Western European theoretical knowledge”, as you put it, is necessary for understanding the subject and teaching it. It certainly helps being able to read sheet music, doesn’t it? Also, there’s no such thing as “Black musical styles.” That implies an impossible type of ownership, not regional origins. 

We DEMAND proper and transparent communication from the various authorities regarding admissions and retention, beyond the bombardment of Oberlin College emails we receive daily.

They clearly mean something more much than the publicly available statistics (of which they apparently don’t like being told about too often). What do they expect, to be able to stand over the administration’s shoulder as it makes its decisions?

We DEMAND more transparency in the faculty recruitment process for the Jazz department. The selection of educators that will shape all of our future musical experiences without any legitimate effort to receive student feedback is ludicrous. A candidate should not be brought in to audition for a position while students are not on campus.

Fuck, are they obsessed with Jazz. You also don’t run the university, despite what you think. You have no say in whom the university hires or why. Fuck you.

We DEMAND an online database that outlines the deadline, dates, and forms critical for the successful academic journey of Black students.

If you’re really going to demand something like that, it should be on behalf of all students. Without looking into it, I’m unsure if you can find out the average grades of students as separated by various classes, but I’m sure you can find that out with regards to rates of retention and graduation. My own alma mater got into trouble (while I was working there) for not retaining enough students period, and lost federal funding for its work study program.

We DEMAND that Black students be able to supplement their primary academic advisor with an advisor outside of their department or major.

To what (racist) point and purpose? Is that pointlessness available to all non-black students?

We DEMAND financial aid workshops for Black students by Black financial aid officers so that students can fully understand the contents of their financial package and how it will change throughout their time at Oberlin College and Conservatory.

Fine, then I DEMAND financial aid workshops or White students by White financial aid officers, Japanese students by Japanese financial aid officers, etc. Yea, segregation!

We DEMAND funding to have an event for Black first-year students during orientation week, so that they may interact with community members that does not conflict with required events.

a. At this event, students will meet Black faculty and staff, the RAs of Afrikan Heritage House, the Black counselors, as well as other students to acquaint them with resources geared toward their successful tenure at Oberlin College andConservatory. This should start in 2016 during the next student orientation session.

Sounds like someone needs to check their privilege.

We DEMAND the allocation of resources geared towards shifting the institutional climate so that Black faculty, administration and staff can thrive and not have to engage in the invisible labor that we know is an important part of their work. We will gauge the success of this demand through a semesterly survey sent to Black faculty, administrators and staff deeming the success of this initiative.

a. We DEMAND direct oversight of this process.

Ha ha, no.

We DEMAND institutional and financial support for a Black Bridge Program between the Oberlin school system and Oberlin College and Conservatory. This program will help increase the successful graduation of students from Oberlin High School, provide a peer support system, and shape successful leaders for the future Oberlin College.

a. This program should start by the beginning of the next Academic year in 2016.

Wow, I didn’t realize that Black people are so stupid and poor, so unable to achieve anything on their own through studying and hard work, that they need special rights and benefits.

We DEMAND a change in the fundamental ways that we assess knowledge at this institution, starting with a student evaluation of the effectiveness of the grading system.We will have oversight over the results of that evaluation.

a. If the results state that the grading system is not reflective of this institution’s student body, we DEMAND an immediate change of that grading system.

In other words, you want to be handed a passing grade even if you don’t know your shit. You know how tests and writing assignments work? If you know what you’re talking about (using good grammar, proper citation, etc.) and answer questions correctly, you get a good grade. If you don’t, your poor grade is a reflection of that. You simply don’t want any personal responsibility. You aren’t adults, You’re children and have no business being in college.

We DEMAND a semesterly transparent report showing the progress and initiatives to make these demands a reality, to be shared with every Black leader on campus, namely the:

a. Co-Chairs of ABUSUA, ASA, and SOCA
b. RAs of African Heritage House
c. Black Scientists Guild
d. Oberlin College Black Musicians Guild
e. Chair of the Africana Studies Department
f. Dean of Students Office

A demand on your demands? You write that almost as if you’re holding the administration at gun point. You overestimate your power, as well as your rights. Furthermore, I don’t think that even if Oberlin tried it could ever meet these demands as you see them. “Terrorism, then, is the tactic of demanding the impossible, and demanding it at gunpoint.” – Christopher Hitchens

We DEMAND direct involvement and transparency in the process of hiring the new Oberlin College president.

No. You write from a place of such whiny privilege that there’s no way any of you know what real discrimination is like. You think that not only should you have any say over who is the college president, but that you can and should bully your way to this position of power? You all need a swift kick in the ass.

They have more demands!:

We DEMAND the renaming of these specific academic buildings:

● The Kohl Jazz Building to the Wendell Logan Building–a Black man who created the Jazz Department and gave his life to this institution.

● Hall Auditorium to the Avery Brooks Auditorium–a world renown edactor  [sic] and alumnus of this very institution, Class of 1970.

● Lord/Saunders dorm to Saaka/Peek dorm after Professor Yakubu Saaka and Professor Emeritus Booker Peek with a specific section dedicated toMaggie Terry all of whom dedicated their lives to the academic, social,and emotional well being of the Africana people on this campus.

● The Art Building to the Edmonia Lewis Building after world renowned sculptor Edmonia lewis as an acknowledgement of the debt owed to her for the violence that she experienced at this institution. We cannot claim her work and reputation without acknowledging her trauma.

1. No.

2. I like Avery Brooks. He played my favorite Star Trek captain, but no. Also, he’s kind of a nut job in real life.

3. No.

4. [citation needed]

We DEMAND a $10,000 book fund for the Afrikana House Library. It is important for students of our community to stay educated and well versed in the issues plaguing their communities, and books are one of the many tools to do so.

I work at a college library. I think they all could do with more funding. If you only want increased funding for your preferred library, then it isn’t education you’re interested in.

We DEMAND a yearly report of Black students from The Americas, Caribbean and Africa showing the recruitment breakdown, graduation rate, and number of students who have taken a leave. This report should include raw numbers that include departmental & class breakdowns. This is so that we can constantly improve and evaluate the retention of Black students through health and wellness initiatives that complement their success.

Whatever you say, special snowflake.

We DEMAND a written form that assures us of the institution’s commitment to increase the number of black psychologists within the Counseling Center. Furthermore, we DEMAND that Black students be able to sit in on the interviews of these HIGHLY QUALIFIED candidates in order to ensure that these professionals cater to the needs of the Black students.

a. We also DEMAND the hiring of Black healers/ non western health practitioners because not everyone finds comfort and healing solely from a psychologist.

I had to slam my lap top closed at reading this, go somewhere else, and get back to writing. Perhaps it’s because of my MBA in Human Resources Management, but I’m all too aware of just how unqualified all of you are to have any say on the hiring process at all. Your demand under “a” is to demand someone who’s trained in bullshit. If they aren’t a psychologist/psychiatrist, they have no training in which they are qualified to do what you’re suggesting. You’re the kind of people that think there’s such a thing as “Western medicine”. There isn’t. If it works, it’s medicine, if it doesn’t, it’s not. If you want to talk to a priest (or as is more likely in your case, a Voodoo practitioner), that’s your right (however ill advised for any real problem). You have no businesses demanding the university fund bullshit.

We DEMAND a 6% annual increase in grant offers versus loan offers for Black students for the next 5 years leading to a 30% increase by 2021. This deadline should NOT be taken as a reversal point back to the previous policy and should be maintained as a minimum. Historically, Black bodies have experienced institutionally acquired debt through higher interest rates from insurance companies, mortgage companies, auto finance, healthcare, etc. Therefore piling on student loan debt goes against one of the core founding principles of Oberlin College & Conservatory, which is to promote the successful prosperity of Black people within the academic sphere and beyond.

Student loans blow, but you shouldn’t get a better deal because of your race. As for anything else, the ONLY reason you’d get a worse deal is if you’re a greater risk.

We DEMAND that all grants issued by the school for financial assistance purposes be awarded as cheques prior to the time of need instead of a reimbursement. This includes and is not limited to Career Center grants, Ignition Fund, Xarts Fund etc.

So you can more easily cheat the system? That’s a demand in favor of corruption.

We DEMAND an adequate increase in funding for internships and career opportunities for all Black students that is awarded appropriately. For instance, a $3500 internship fund for a low income student with a 3 month internship in New York City does not make any sustainable sense considering the high cost of living. We further DEMAND that we have direct input in the structuring of the rubric used to grant these funds.

No to all of that. You’ll suffer through the internship program the same way everyone else does, and you’ll like it.

We DEMAND, that Black Students should be able to access these funds irrespective of the source of their opportunity; Oberlin opportunity vs External opportunity.

They don’t have to fund internships at all. That is a privilege, not a right, and they can dictate the nature of that privilege.

We DEMAND that spaces throughout the Oberlin College campus be designated as a safe space for Africana identifying students. Afrikan Heritage House should not be the only space allotted for the promotion and acknowledgement of our community specific needs.

a. We DEMAND that no less than one full room or space be given to this need in:

i. Wilder Hall
ii. The Science Center
iii. Mudd Library

No safe spaces. Not for you or anyone else. Just how do any of you expect to be able to deal with the real world with that fucked up mentality? Also, you said “Africana identifying students.” Does that include people like the one lady who “identified” as black despite being white? What about Africans who aren’t black? You do realize not all Africans are black, and that’s even if you don’t include the descendants of European colonialists. 

We DEMAND that Afrikan Heritage House be given significant repairs and upgrades in the following areas:

a. We DEMAND that the AV system in Lord Lounge be maintained regularly–it is in desperate need of repairs and system upgrades.
b. We DEMAND that the pianos in both Lord and Saunders lounge be given routine tunings, just as other pianos around campus–particularly those in white spaces.
c. We DEMAND that a room be given to the Black Scientists Wing that include sample and relevant equipment and supplies for the success of Black students in the sciences.

You aren’t receiving less attention than your “white space” counterparts, so stop pretending that you are.

We DEMAND that the Edmonia Lewis Center and House be given significant repairs and upgrades in the following areas:

a. The entire building on 76 S Professor.
b. The entire building on 78 S Professor.

Given your attitude, I think Oberlin should never provide repairs and upgrades there ever. I want to know, if these buildings are really in such bad condition, why is that? Why is it that I think it might just be because you don’t understand the concept of respect, and that you expect other people to clean up after your messes?

We DEMAND that the Edmonia Lewis Center receive the Lewis Center as a community center run solely by students and community members and not by professional staff and be used for programming of our own initiatives.

It’s university property. If you want it entirely for yourselves, work for and save up the money for buying it for yourselves. You know, maybe they should actually give into this demand, if only to prove how incompetent you all are. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you’d run it into the ground…but without any financial assistance, of course

We DEMAND an immediate review and restructure of the Office of Residential Service policies regarding access to housing and meal options. The current policies are financially inaccessible and unsustainable to Black students.

[Citation needed]

And more demands still:

We DEMAND these professors be granted tenure IMMEDIATELY:
● Adenike Sharpley, Artist in Residence Africana Studies Department
● Bernard Matambo, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
● Charles Peterson, Assistant Professor in Africana Studies

Tenure is earned. Have they not worked there long enough for tenure? If they haven’t, then fuck them, they have to put in the time first.

We DEMAND these professors be placed on a tenure track:

● Fredara Hadley, Visiting Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology

● Willis Okech Oyugi, Visiting Assistant Professor of History

● Tina Botts, Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy

● Afia Ofori-Mensa, Visiting Professor in Comparative American Studies

● Rashelle Peck, Faculty in Residence Africana Studies Department

● Shane McCrae, Assistant Professor in Creative Writing

Exactly what makes you think a “Visiting Assistant Professor” should be put on a tenure track? Is it because they’re black? Perhaps if they weren’t visiting assistants, they would be on the tenure track. If I were to teach at my college as an adjunct, which I could do if I wanted to (and if they had a position available for me to take), I wouldn’t expect tenure track or the privileges that come with it.

We DEMAND a guaranteed tenure upon review for these professors whom are on tenuretrack:

● Joy Karega, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & Composition

● Justin Emeka, Assistant Professor of Theater & Africana Studies

● Darko Opoku, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies

● Yveline Alexis, Assistant Professor in Africana Studies

● Tameka Nunley, Assistant Professor of History

● Leslie Kwakye, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

● Gunnar Kwakye, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

● Danielle Terrazas Williams, Assistant Professor of History

If they perform all of their obligations, they’ll get tenure. If they don’t, they won’t. You just want them to get tenure regardless of whether they’ve earned it or not. So much for personal responsibility. Despite your rhetoric, you have an awful lot of contempt for black people.

We DEMAND a full time Black professor for African American Music History.

● Professor Fredara Hadley has been doing an exceptional job for the past 2 years, and would be able to make a greater impact on a greater amount of students if given more time & resources.

So you’re saying no one other than a black person can study and teach in African American Music History? Is it that there’s no full time person for this at all? Does this position actually warrant being full time? Colleges can be stingy sometimes on full time positions, but the only color that’s a factor in that decision is green.

We DEMAND that a Black woman be hired as the head of the Jazz Vocal Department.

● This search should be extensive, and should not be limited to individuals from the immediate Cleveland area, but should encompass the globe. It should also be well advertised and students of the Jazz department and the greater conservatory should be updated regularly.

There’s that obsession with Jazz again. Why can’t a man be head of this department? Why specifically a black woman? If she’s the most qualified, she’ll get it. You still are not privy to the hiring decisions, and the process there involved, of the university.

We DEMAND that Black student leaders be provided a $8.20/hr stipend for their continuous organizing efforts around the well being of Black people on Oberlin’s campus, city and beyond.

You want to be paid for protesting? Go fuck yourselves.

We DEMAND a minimum wage of $15 dollars for all employed staff members at this institution.

Holy shit, a proposal (excuse me, a “demand”) that’s actually all inclusive. Tell me, exactly how does that demand benefit any of you? I’m getting the impression here, from this and other demands, that you’re being manipulated by black staff members.

We DEMAND that the work load given to employees be reflective of their abilities. If workers are disabled, elderly, or pregnant they should not be given a workload that they cannot handle.

This already has the force of law, so what are you really demanding?

We DEMAND all employees be given healthcare & insurance through the college as part of their work benefits.

Full time employees already get this. Part of the distinction between full time and part time employees is that part timers tend not to get benefits, otherwise everyone would be full time. Do you not realize that you might get a lot of (potentially black) people fired if this demand were enacted?

We DEMAND that each worker, temporary or permanent working for College Dining Hall Services be given a meal every work shift.

Be given? I’m sorry, but you have to pay for your meals. If you want free meals, either join the military or go to prison. I guarantee you won’t like the conditions for the free meals.

We DEMAND the development of a Bridge program for recently released prisoners from Grafton to enroll as undergraduate students at Oberlin College. Seeing as how we know that the Prison Industrial Complex sends disproportionate numbers of Black men to prison, this Bridge program will reflect this college’s commitment to social justice initiatives for Africana peoples.

And when theft, rape, and violent crimes increase on campus, you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves.

We DEMAND the immediate firing of:

●Marjorie Burton, Head of Safety Security for the mishandling of Black students’ safety needs.

●David Alvarez, Sergeant David Bender for their complicity and role in the violent mishandling of Zakiya Acey.

●Gerri Johnson, Accounts Payable Supervisor for their rude behavior towards Black Students and inefficient running of the office delaying the printing and releasing of checks and funds.

●Ellen Sayles, Associate Dean of Studies due to her mishandling of students mental emotional needs.

●Kathryn Stuart, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives due to her GRAVE mishandling of the mental emotional needs of students of color, as well as her history with the mishandling of documents that would have allowed students of color to graduate on time.

●John Harshbarger, Director of Student Health and Counseling Services forhis inability to act when students of color have urgent needs and need tochange their housing arrangements due to mental health concerns.

●Allen Cadwallader, Professor of Music Theory in the Conservatory, due to the racist undertones of his course as well as the ways in which he treats Black jazz students who take his course, which is rooted in white supremacy.

Excuse me? First you bitch about wanting more criminals on campus, and then you bitch about not being secure enough? There’s also a whole of citation needed in there. You mention white supremacy, but everything you’re pushing for is black supremacy. I could not find a photo of most of the people listed, but for those I could they were all white. I presume the rest are as well. Just admit you hate all white people and be done with it.

We DEMAND the promotion of:

● Andres Fernandez, Assistant Dean of Studies to Class Dean for his constant dedication and care for the academic success and social well being for Black students.

● Dean Kimberly Jackson Davidson to be promoted to Dean of Studies for her passion, dedication and ability to cater to the academic success and social well being of Black Students on this campus. She has gone out of her way to ensure that Black Students graduate and that they have everything that they need. She has been a consistent source of support to many Black Students on campus outside the bounds of her job and there is no doubt in our minds that she will be able to transfer the same to this position.

They’re already pretty high up on the food chain. Other than feeling you get more hand outs from them actually qualifies them for being promoted even further? Based on your ethos, I have the sense that perhaps these people should be fired instead. If they’re so great to you, that’s all I need to know about them.

We DEMAND that Oberlin College stop functioning as a gentrifying institution by:

● The immediate rehiring of community members who worked at the Oberlin Inn before its renovation, accompanied with a Professional Development Day to train them on the updated work skills needed to successfully navigate their job responsibilities.

● The immediate discontinuation of the No Trespass List, because it disproportionately and discriminatorily targets Black people from the town of Oberlin.

● The immediate implementation of a free bussing system for Oberlin Elementary, Middle & High School students, paid for by the College.

● The immediate divestment from Israel, who has exploited many African descendant peoples seeking refuge. Furthermore, because the oppressive and violent acts towards Palestinians mirrors the anti-Blackness currently in the United States.

● The implementation of a program allowing willing community members to take one course per semester at Oberlin College for FREE.

● The immediate establishment of a Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) program by the College that is approved by the City of Oberlin.

Gentrifying? Really? As far as the “No Trespass List” goes, if it “disproportionately and discriminatorily targets Black people”, then that means more black people are thugs in your particular region. I thought you wanted to be safe, and that the security apparatus wasn’t doing enough for you? Yet on the other hand you really want the criminal element to have a presence on campus. Why do I also get the feeling that your views on Israel are less about its conduct and more about anti-semitism? I mean, you certainly are awfully quick to forgive the Palestinians for their crimes. The free class thing? Just who do you think is going to pay for that? I know you want more hand outs, so I guess it goes to tax payers who are not any of you. You also (given your endorsement of the PILOT program) want tax payers who are not a part of your community to fund your community. 

These are demands and not suggestions. If these demands are not taken seriously, immediate action from the Africana community will follow.

Why should Oberlin take your “demands” seriously? They’d be better off without any of you. Worthy students could take your place. Oberlin would do well not to allow itself to be bullied by such nonsense. Furthermore, with all of you gone, there will be plenty of bad employees without anyone to exploit and will actually have to actually work or otherwise find themselves out of a job.

These list of demands are for the inmates to run the asylum. They want to control every aspect of the university in favor of their own identity politics. Those that aren’t black and support this are under the mistaken assumption that they’re being “progressive” rather than its antithesis. The black people who do not support this (e.g., those who have self respect and a strong work ethic) are somehow traitors or not “black enough”. They claim to be the victims of a racist system (actually, an imperialist white supremacist capitalist and ableist cissexist heteropatriarchy), yet they’re not only deeply and hatefully racist themselves, but they whine like little bitches who have far more privileges than anyone should ever have.