How do you define a person? Is it who they say they are? Is it by the words that come out of their mouths? To an extent, but who we are is defined primarily by our actions. So, let’s take some time to see who Hillary Clinton is when it comes to her actions and interactions with other people.

Who is Juanita Broaddrick?

She is one of the women Bill Clinton raped. If you want to find out more about her story: (Her original NBC interview) (A more recent article with equally recent relevance.) (Relevance to Hillary’s involvement) (An article from 2014.)

If you want to get a better idea of Hillary’s involvement in this, read Juanita Broaddrick’s open letter:

SUNDAY OCT 15, 2000

As I watched Rick Lazio’s interview on Fox News this morning, I felt compelled to write this open letter to you, Mrs. Clinton. Brit Hume asked Mr. Lazio’s views regarding you as a person and how he perceived you as a candidate. Rick Lazio did not answer the question, but I know that I can. You know it, too.

I have no doubt that you are the same conniving, self-serving person you were twenty-two years ago when I had the misfortune to meet you. When I see you on television, campaigning for the New York senate race, I can see the same hypocrisy in your face that you displayed to me one evening in 1978. You have not changed.

I remember it as though it was yesterday. I only wish that it were yesterday and maybe there would still be time to do something about what your husband, Bill Clinton, did to me. There was a political rally for Mr. Clinton’s bid for governor of Arkansas. I had obligated myself to be at this rally prior to my being assaulted by your husband in April, 1978. I had made up my mind to make an appearance and then leave as soon as the two of you arrived. This was a big mistake, but I was still in a state of shock and denial. You had questioned the gentleman who drove you and Mr. Clinton from the airport. You asked him about me and if I would be at the gathering. Do you remember? You told the driver, “Bill has talked so much about Juanita”, and that you were so anxious to meet me. Well, you wasted no time. As soon as you entered the room, you came directly to me and grabbed my hand. Do you remember how you thanked me, saying “we want to thank you for everything that you do for Bill”. At that point, I was pretty shaken and started to walk off. Remember how you kept a tight grip on my hand and drew closer to me? You repeated your statement, but this time with a coldness and look that I have seen many times on television in the last eight years. You said, “Everything you do for Bill”. You then released your grip and I said nothing and left the gathering.

What did you mean, Hillary? Were you referring to my keeping quiet about the assault I had suffered at the hands of your husband only two weeks before? Were you warning me to continue to keep quiet? We both know the answer to that question.

Yes, I can answer Brit Hume’s question. You are the same Hillary that you were twenty years ago. You are cold, calculating and self-serving. You cannot tolerate the thought that you will soon be without the power you have wielded for the last eight years. Your effort to stay in power will be at the expense of the state of New York. I only hope the voters of New York will wake up in time and realize that Hillary Clinton is not an honorable or an honest person.

I will end by asking if you believe the statements I made on NBC Dateline when Lisa Myers asked if I had been assaulted and raped by your husband? Or perhaps, you are like Vice-President Gore and did not see the interview.

Juanita Broaddrick

Who is Thomas Alfred Taylor?

He is a man Hillary Clinton defended against a rape charge. I’m all for due process, something sorely lacking among Hillary supporters when it comes to rape charges in all other cases (as you may have noticed, this includes rape accusations that have since been prove to be lies even after they were exposed as lies). The problem is that she not only knew he was guilty, but in the way she both undermined the victim but then took to mocking her. Being a good lawyer isn’t necessarily the same thing as being a good person. They can be quite the opposite. Moreover, you can’t reasonably say she’s good with women’s rights when compared with her actions.

If you want to read more, and listen to the audio of an interview on the subject:

Who is Henry Kissinger?

He’s a war criminal, complicit in assassination and genocide (among other crimes). If you want to read about all that for youself: (E840.8.K58H58)

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with Henry Kissinger (by that or other sources), then never forget just how close Hillary Clinton is with him:

What is Whitewater?

It’s one of the many crimes that the Clintons managed to wiggle out. The people surrounding them tend to end up being charged and/or convicted of criminal charges, but the Clintons themselves slide by.

What are Cattle Futures?

An extremely unlikely and almost certainly illegal way (in her case) of turning $1,000 into several hundred thousand: The chances of this being a legal outcome were calculated as being 1-in-250 million.

Who is Jorge Cabrera?

A convicted drug dealer who donated enough money to the Clintons to get special treatment:

What is Chinagate?

The Clintons love foreign political donors. It’s a criminal act to take foreign money for domestic political purposes, but never mind that: This is not just a problem during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Check out the name Norman Yung Yuen Hsu.

What is the Friends of Saudi Arabia?

A front of the brutal and oppressive (and hypocritical) Saudi Royal Family that’s given a lot of money to the Clinton Foundation, itself a sham charity:

And a preview of the Saudi Royal Family:

What is Lootergate?

The Clintons attempted to steal White House property that belonged to the People, not them:

What of the Balkans?

Surely you remember Clinton’s pathological lying being exposed: But what else can we say about her with regards to the Balkans? Did you know that she opposed any intervention there? She not only felt it would be a distraction from her (failed) healthcare initiative, but she compared any intervention to “Vietnam”. So, if Hillary had had her way, the Balkans would have been ethnically cleansed:


There’s more that can be said and shown, none of which is exhaustive. Here are links to further information: (Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi) (Christopher Hitchens — Speaking Honestly About Hillary Clinton) (Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal) (Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full)

So, who is Hillary Clinton? A crook who should be behind bars.